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Latest on Hounds Online – Hounds The Last Hope Beta – MMO RPS Game


We have fought against many things. But our opponents this time are very relentless and they will never give it up. Hounds Online is an upcoming MMO RPS (Role Playing Shooter) games that developed by Netmarble Games. It is usually to be launched in April. But you can register for the closed beta at the Hounds The Last Hope.

In Hounds you can choose from 4 different classes Assault, Tech, Specialist or support. Hounds has the graphics of the latest generation, breathtaking history and missions, different op and PVP modes, German content and more! Once you have signed up for the closed beta, you will allude before official release Hounds Online.

For all of this information, photos, videos, comments and other are just one click away. Invite her her friends, or kennenlernet with new international players. This world is already attacked by Wickbrokes. It is the time to get it all back. You can sign up for it!