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Remote Control Software for your PC


Whenever a PC needs to be accessed or a PC issue that needs to be fixed, it can be done by a person sitting next to it and working with it, and the other one is gaining access to the PC from any remote location using a remote access software which can help to connect to any PC and run, access, find the PC issue and fix it and even take a complete control over it without even requiring a person to sit with the computer to do these.

One of most popular software that enables remote controlling of a PC to handle PC issues and to get complete remote PC access, as mentioned in the second way is by using a Remote Utilities software.

This software enables any PC user to gain complete control and dictate another PC as if they were sitting next to it.

Features of RemoteUtilities Software

Below are some of the features of  a Remote Utilities as a remote access and remote control software are :

  • It can be used to gain very secured remote desktop access to any PC and also supports both LAN and Internet, can deliver both web based and network based remote access service.
  • Easy to setup and use from any browser.
  • Has been optimized to perform well for both fast and slow Internet connections
  • Completely Compatible with latest versions of Windows programs such as windows 7 and windows 8.
  • Enables easier copying of files between the connected PCs with just a drag and drop click, which supports faster file sharing.
  • A remote utility tool that requires no governance and can connect fast and work on its own.

Special Feature of Remote Utilities

  • It is Free for personal use with Unlimited installations and traffic and a Lifetime license, so PC users should Download Remote Utilities once and explore its features and uses and see how they can benefit from it.

Additional Features

  • To communicate between multiple PCs in a network.
  • Video Surveillance
  • Screen recording

There are many more additional features of this remote utility software that are to be explored, and along with many similar products in the remote PC access category, I am planning to explore and review more features of these software in the coming weeks.